The Fine Art of Giving Tips

A Time of Giving

As the holidays approach, it is time to reflect on the fine art of giving. Can there possibly be a better way to express your gratitude and love? I think not.

Handmade Gifts

With handmade gifts and all things origami, each pair of earrings and other imaginative creations made from decorative paper, express one’s own individuality and attempt to touch the hearts of others. The act of creating something of beauty with one’s hands provides the ultimate sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Origami Earrings

When designing a pair of earrings, there is much thought given to the color and quality of the origami paper, how the beads or crystals will enhance the final assembly, in what order or pattern they will be strung, and whether they will be highlighted in gold or silver. Crystals and beads have been attributed with certain spiritual properties such as healing, promoting good health, harmony, mental clarity, accepting love and having a positive outlook on life. These are some of the elements imbued in handmade origami jewelry and gifts.

The Art of Origami

According to Nick Robinson’s, “Art, Origami & Education,” We need to recognize and study with the great masters who are at one with the paper, the folds and the final result. In such masters’ hands the paper almost folds itself in an aesthetic dance of the hands to achieve a result of beauty…” The reverence for paper would show in feeling and listening to it. The ballet of movements would express the unity of the folder, the paper, and the form. The resulting model would show in all of its folds the mastery and humility of everything that went before.” It is truly an art form.

Origami Gift

By giving the gift of origami art, you are disseminating a small fraction of these affirmative traits found in the crystals, beads and paper, to the recipient like pixie dust. They are meaningful and thoughtful. They cannot be found at the local mall or department store. When you have given your handmade gift, you should feel you have given something original and valuable, like an heirloom. It is one of a kind. These handmade gifts are not thrown together in a haphazard way. There has been deliberate thought and planning that has gone into each creation. The ultimate goal is whether another person can see the purpose of your design and intent and appreciate the artistry of your creation. It is a gift worth giving.